Acrylic Styles and Finishes in Handcrafted Pens

Acrylic pens are produced from various different compounds to supply the amazing color schemes, transitions and definitions viewed while in the concluded handcrafted pen. Most commonly encountered will be the acrylic acetate compound blanks that come in many different styles of shades and models. Poly resins are creating inroads from the enterprise and delight a far more specific unique material instead of shade striations. Ultimately, the more strong resins appear to be a combination of poly resin and solids that disguise the inner pen tubes entirely. Using this type of new compound, the brass tube won’t need to be painted to match the resin colour to get concealed from the completed pen.

Quite a few pen crafters use all a few of those compounds in our acrylic line of pens. They can be used in the slender line pen even though the biggest pens they create with remarkable outcomes. No two pens will exhibit a similar complete based upon the amount of acrylic is taken out through the pen turning approach. As acrylic is removed, the patterns start to occur. Little quantities are removed with Each and every pass of your gouge to circumvent digging to the acrylic.

When polished, amazing styles and patterns arise and every pen results in being a mini perform of artwork. A number of lots of acrylic can deliver many various, even though equivalent, types and colour patterns to provide shoppers versions for obtain. The sole drawback with acrylic resin is the fact that there’s a possibility of the interior pen tube becoming seen through the lighter shades of acrylic resin models. Any person can browse your neighborhood wood worker’s Web site and examine their entire line of acrylic pen types.

Poly resins, as opposed to straight acrylics, present much more safety from detecting the internal pen tube, but can be employed to embed objects to the concluded pen. Some illustrations are coffee beans, confetti sprinkles, peas and various items which might be turned to the lathe devoid of destroying the pen blank. These have gotten extra well-liked, but Will not present the amount of colour variants that may be received with acrylic acetate formulations. Numerous crafters offer you around eight versions of poly resin patterns with the existing time. This is because of availability and as extra types and types turn into obtainable, They are going to be extra to product or service traces.

Numerous pen turners are dealing with the same dilemma with poly resins, and that is availability. Many try to manufacture their particular formulations with a few achievement, but largely failure. I’ve tried using making use of diverse objects into a generic poly resin compound, but haven’t had much success in acquiring a very good turning piece. I’m able to Therefore assess that the leading suppliers to the trade are acquiring equivalent issues. Some Use a ‘rubbery’ texture to them, while some Have a very to some degree acrylic sense to them.

The ultimate form of blank accessible for our use by pen makers is shown underneath the trade title of Invisivue pen blanks. These acrylic mirror sheet  pen blanks are created so that even light coloured blanks can be used without observing the pen tube in the floor from the pen. Just like the poly resins, the numbers of kinds of such a resin are limited in amount. These are definitely rather new to the marketplace and so are starting to obtain recognition.

My Total assessment of the categories of acrylic based mostly resin pen blanks on the market today would be that the conventional acrylic acetate resin provides greater color variation; styles and models give the pen turner the best option for manufacturing an excellent item.